Hose Bibb Anchor

Hose Bibb Anchor
Item# 5023

Product Description

There's never been a quick, easy, long lasting way to secure an exterior faucet until the patented Hose Faucet Anchor. Works with any exterior hose faucet on all types of material (brick, concrete, vinyl, or stucco). Fits 1/2"; 3/4" and 1" supply lines.


All you need is a phillips head screw driver. Be aware you may need one with a short handle since the chances are good you will be working in a tight spot.

Unscrew one of the shorter screws until the clamp is able to be positioned around the water line leading to the hose faucet you want to secure. Re-install the small screw, and slide the clamp down against the frame of the house. Tighten the smaller screws so that the clamp fits firmly around the water line.

Tighten the longer screws so that they draw in the pipe from the outside securing the hose faucet. The screws may dig into the wood slightly, but this prevents any twisting motion when turning the valve on and off. If the wood is rotted in this spot due to leakage, you may want to put a washer between the screw and the wood to prevent it from digging into the wood excessively (although this is designed to prevent twisting action on the hose faucet when it is turned off and on) Of course in a masonary application this is not an issue and works just as well. Once the longer screws are in place.... you are all set! Easy!